Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sewing Sewing Sewing...

Please forgive my absence,

I have been so busy with Jingle Sox orders..

I will have photos to share with you soon!

Until then, here are some photos of my "Marathon-Sunday-night-family-stuff-sew-athon!"

On Sunday night I finished off a pile of blankies and pillows 

that my poor neglected family and friends having 

been waiting for since ...

... well the date is on the pillow, eek!! :)!!

I embroidered this 'pillow panel' for a friend's little girl over a year ago...  it is so nice to have it finished for her!

I love these cute little crocheted flowers by Riley Blake.   
A ladybug button in the middle and we are all done!

Blankies for the Bunny  ...lots of snuggly minky with layers of warm wool batting inside.

And for the Princess, the same, with dotted minky and warm wool batting...

and as usual, my darling Mr Garfield always wants to be right up in my business when I am sewing....

I am working, at the moment, to change things up around Deekie Belle Designs...

Not sure of  the exact direction I am going to go yet,
but I am praying about it, and  discussing it with Mr Deekie Belle, so will share with you all soon.

Hope you are all well and staying warm!

....or cool if you are up in the top part of the world :)! 




Ruby Jean said...

Oh..So good to hear from you...It looks like you have been quite busy indeed.. : ) I LOVE all your Pillows and blankets...The blankets look so COZY...:)

May the rest of your week be blessed

Jenny said...

Thanks so much Ruby Jean!!! I am loving all your new aprons and things! Hugs to you!!

Cindy said...

You make such lovely things, you're obviously a very talented sewer. I love the pillows and the quilt that you made.
Hugs, Cindy