Monday, July 25, 2011

new couches and the worlds cutest customers...

Hello lovelies!  hope you are all well!!

Scuze my absence, 
been working hard then got a nasty virus on my computer but the Other Rockstar 
 has it all fixed now (he is my technical genius!) !

We got our new couches on the weekend.
They are huge!! so we need to do a bit of re-arranging to fit them in.

The white one will have to go and we will move the big chair on the left over to the right...
and then I have a couple of smaller chairs to re-cover..
Will get some better pics soon!

But I did make some simple new pillows for them - you know how I love to make pillows :)!!

 the cats love them...
 my sweet Twitchy girl has a new favorite spot...

And now can I introduce you to my latest Jingle Sox customers! 

Their mama, Pam,  has ordered them a Jingle sock each and I have had so much fun making these!

We are doing heritage style quilted 'memory' sox  with their photos on them.

I have to tell you, looking at these gorgeous little faces every day has made me really want a French Bulldog of my own to convince Mr Deekie Belle to add to the pack :) !

Please meet Tonka, Beauregard and Frankie!

Gaaahhhh!!  aren't they adorable!!!!



B. Spence-Taylor said...

LOL. You have to be sure and post those "memory" sox. Can't wait to see how cute they are.
Love the new furniture.

Diana Ferguson said...

I absolutely love "Keep Calm and Carry On." I am starting a new profession (at my age!) in a few weeks.....that should be my motto to get me through this first year!