Monday, June 6, 2011

Counting my blessings...

Wow, wow, wow!

You guys are the absolute best!

I have been once again overwhelmed by the support and kindness you have all shown me over my last few posts..

And I want to let you all know, I am fine, honest!!!

It has been a very healing experience to get this all out on paper (so to speak ;)!)

And now it is time to count my blessings..

Because I have so many!

Look at this family of mine and tell me that God hasn't given me more than I could have hoped for!!

The Princess

Our Songstress

The Rockstar with the Bunny

Our girl the Model

The Bunny

The Princess

Our Songstress

Rock star No.1 and No. 2
No.1 far left ~~ No.2  far right..
Mr Deekie Belle and his snuggle bug.

My amazing Dad

The Rockstar and his lady love..

Mr Deekie Belle and the Super~Bug 

The Glamour Girl and her bro the Rock Star

Songstress and her Princess

The Bunny

my gorgeous Mr Deekie Belle and the Bug
(saying "Yaaayyyyy!!")

My Sisters Sue and Deb and beautiful niece Em.

My lovely Ma and Pa -in-law

The rock star

The sleeping princess

My youngest Sister and her family, with Dad and Mum.
my sis Sue and her hubby
The bug and his daddy, the other Rock star

My beautiful Mumma

My dad..

The  Songstress..

My oldest sister Deb and my niece Em

The Bug

and his daddy the other Rock star (can't you tell!!)

Rock Star No. 2, The Model and the Glamour Girl

The Rock Star and his lady love

The Sports-fan and the Songstress

The Rockstar  and the Glamour Girl

Sister Sue and my nephews
My gorgeous nephew The Barefoot Engineer

The Sportsfan, the Princess and the Songstress

Our beautiful Glamour Girl


The Model and Rock Star No. 2

The Rockstar

The Sportsfan and the bug..

The Glamour girl and the bunny

The Princess 

Mum and Dad in law ..

The Bug

My beautiful Ma and Pa

The Model

The Songstress

The Bug (this pic is old but I love his face!!)
And I wish I had a photo of each of you to add to this, coz you are all amazing!



Ruby Jean said...

You have a VERY GORGEOUS family... Many Blessings to you this day...

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What amazing family pics Jen...& I loved the last one...LOL!!

Pauline said...

So much to be grateful for, indeed. You have a beautiful family.

teresa said...

Gorgeous photos Jen. You have a beautiful family. I'm still looking for the photo of you in there.... Love the last photo of bug too... ha ha. Thanks for sharing your treasured photos... xx

MissGinger said...

beautiful pictures, and yes blessed! xx what a happy family. x

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Jen! I am just catching up on some of my blog reading from where I was away and just read your last two posts! Oh my,you had me in tears. I just can't imagine going through all of would have to change you forever. BUT, you're momma is right, everything happens for a reason and God is always in control...even when we're not.
Your family is so beautiful...your children look like models! Oh so lovely! :)
As far as my floor in my laundry room goes, I had no idea Australia didn't carry such things. I'm so naive, I assume everyone has the same things we have here. :) I've never been out of the US..I need to get out more! lol Thanks for your sweet comments, you don't know how much I need to hear them on certain days. I'm glad my blog inspires you..what a wonderful thing to say. :)I love all my bloggy friends so much, what a wonderful place blogland is. :)
Hope you have a truly blessed day!
Love ya much

My Cottage Charm said...

thanks for the birthday wishes! (and you're was the perfect gift for this girl..I loved my little house!)
Have a great day sweet girl!