Monday, July 20, 2009

Last chance for the giveaway - leave a comment to win!! My gorgeous new plate rack, and other home pics..

As you know we have been doing a few renos and alot of painting... I don't have many pics yet, but I thought I would share a few anyway!!

Our son the rock star made Mr Deekie Belle and I this plate rack for our 25th wedding anniversary present - I love, love, love it!!!

Although he probably made it just for me as Mr Deekie Belle doesn't collect pretty little floral teacups and other such finery....:)!

Anyway, didn't he do a great job! I am so happy !!! And he said if anyone likes it he is taking orders...

Gorgeous new plate rack
Dining corner

Hall table

New Lamp

New picture over sofa, I like it much better!

Lots more to share when I can get some daytime photos, and this week I will be drawing the winner of the Amy butler fabric and the the personalised pastel pillow!! Please leave as many comments as you like, one on every post if you like cause you will get one entry for each comment!!
A Mum's Prize!!:
Amy butler Giveaway
And for a lucky little princess!
Cushions for my girls!

Hope you are all well and that this swine flu hasn't hit any of you, please take care and I will be back soon!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The plate rack is gorgeous cottage white beauty! Your son is so talented! Great job!

free indeed said...

I find it interesting that musical people are so multi your son depicts. Lovely plate rack...I do like your beautiful pieces. I too love dishes, but don't have such beauties. I tend to stick to everyday serving pieces, although I'd like to have multiple sets of china for different seasons/occassions. Always looking for a bargain!

Suzie said...

Hi, Jenny!!
How are you doing?
I'm so sorry! I just read your poting. I've been so busy these last few days that I really have not had time to check my blog.
Jenny, the plate rack is absolutely gorgeous and whether you believe it or not I've been looking for a plate rack very similer to yours! Your so lucky to have such a talented son who would make such a beautiful plate rack for you!Also,I love your plate collection as well!
Oh! I know a classic rock band looking for a guitarist! But
these guys are in their 40's..:D

Treasuresofjoy said...

I Love the Plates such a beautiful display, Thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway!

Carol R. said...

Your son did a fantastic job on that plate rack. It looks gorgeous on your wall.