Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July...

Happy 'Fourth of July' to all my lovely friends in America..

Wow, I can't believe it is July already... the year is nearly half over! Is it me or does time seem to go faster the older we get...

Anyway, I have been working on this lap quilt for my Mama, I have sewn the blocks together and hope to have it finished his week.. I used the new Joel Dewberry fabrics I bought recently, in the Azure colourways. It still needs the border sewn on but just wanted to post a sneak peek. I do love this pattern, It is the "Mod Scallops" by Mary Bird from Homespun Workshops in Willagee here in Perth.

I also bought these super cute trims from Farbenmix. Aren't they adorable! (Sorry the picture is so bright)

The Rock Star has been on holidays from studies for the past two weeks and has been here painting for us. I wanted to change the colour we used in the kitchen/dining. We only did it about a year ago but I have never been happy with it so we went a couple of shades lighter. The new colour is called 'Portico' by Dulux and I like it alot better. It has a very slight greenish tint in it as opposed to the previous colour which I always said was too 'minty', ...if walls can be minty.. :)! Anyway he has done the kitchen, dining, front and back passages, laundry and the first bathroom. (He has worked so hard!) My darling hubby chose the colour for the bathroom and it is really different from our usual taste, it is a rich brown and I am not sure if I like it - (poor Steve, I hope it grows on me or he will be re-doing it!, oohh it's okay, I'm not a slave driver, I'm paying him:)!) Anyway, I will try and get a good shot of it and post it soon and you can let me know what you think.

The songstress bought Mr Deekie Belle and I this giant Freckle as part of our Anniversary present, I don't think we will ever finish it - it's huge!

And just before I go, something to make you smile! We went to the country a few weekends ago and my darling youngest daughter wanted to take her own car. Mr Deekie Belle and I had quite a laugh when when she emerged from her car to fill it with fuel in one of his old singlets, her shabby pink dressing gown (it was night time) and her bright pink heart slippers..... although we weren't laughing as much as she walked towards our car.. I slunk down and tried to hide lol!.. but of course she needed money for fuel, should have known! She will be 18 in a month and I can't see her changing a bit!! 

 My precious baby girl!

(And that singlet - who remembers that song, 'I'm to sexy for my shirt!' !!),

Anyway, sorry about the long post - I hope you are all really well and happy, and I will have more to post this week!
God Bless!

PS.... Don't forget everyone, all comments from any post go in the draw for the Amy Butler half yards and the "Don't Look Now" Personalised Pastel pillow... ooohhh, the PPP :)


Carol R. said...

Happy Fourth of July to you and yours too!

That picture of your daughter reminds me of my daughter's attire for traveling. Too funny!

Grum said...

What a fun 18 year old----at least she's not a hoity toity snob who'll only wear expensive label clothes.