Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our four legged darlings......

Here are a few pics of our super - spoilt bunch of babies...

Sweet Bonnie our staffy, she's is Steve's baby and just like him is a little nuts but we love her so much!

Bob, Our little Maltese, he's a yapper but he is my little boy... (and as usual he is in need of a bath!)

Our gentle giant, Gordy... hard to get a good photo of him, he hates the camera!

My baby Garfield, sitting on a post across the road....

Angel and Ben's cat Twitch and her boys, Derrik and Garfy... (there's a frog out there!!)

Spot the puppy! - Deekie's little Baby

A Nap with Grandad (my darling hubby and his little grand-son-puppy lol!)

Jen xo