Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ginger Blossoms and Freshcut yumminess!

I have been working on some gorgeous patchwork peasant skirts which I have just listed them in my etsy shop -

The first one is made from adorable Sandi Henderson Ginger Blossom Fabric and the second is made with Heather Bailey Freshcuts.
I love these fabrics so much and have been waiting to use them for something very special. I based the design of them from one of Sandi's lovely patterns.

I am so thrilled with these skirts and they are made all the more beautiful by my little model 'Shevorne'. She is as sweet as she is beautiful and was such a joy to work with - thanks hunny!

I have also finished some of my Patty Young Andalucia Emmeline aprons and dragged my poor tired, pregnant daughter in for a couple of photo's in one. I just knew they would look great over a pregnant belly! Will take some more pics of them soon but just had to post a couple of these!

These aprons are reversible so you get double the use!

Jen xo


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen* Those are such great pictures, beautiful models and I love the skirt and apron. Fun post! Elaine

Jenny said...

Thanks Elaine and I love all your charms for balenties day - can't wait till you finish putting more in the shop, I will definately be buying!!
Hugs to you