Thursday, February 19, 2009

I miss my mum...

Mum is galivanting around England with my sister Deb at the moment, visiting family and friends so I am just posting this pic of her grapevine for her.... lots of lovely grapes mum, just hiding underneath all the green!..... I miss you my darling and I hope you and Deb are having a wonderful time - only a week and a bit and you will be home! We are taking good care of Dad for you, but he is missing you madly - as is your little Archie boy!
He really is the cutest little doxie in the world!

Mum and Dad's vines - yum! We will save you some Muma!

And of course a trip to a wonderful new fabric shop I just found - the lovely ladies at Homespun Workshops in Harrison St, Willagee. have a wonderful range of gorgeous fabrics - I had a lovely visit and will definately be back, they are all so lovely and kind in there, It felt to me like I was walking into a little shop in a country town!! They were so sweet and even kept the shop open and extra 3/4 of an hour for me, with super service and beautiful quality products I will be back there..... knowing me probably next week! hahahaahah!

Lovely Tanya Welan Ava Rose, and some gorgeous Amy Butler Daisy Chains... and a Melly and Me Pattern - Woo-Hoo!!!