Friday, May 27, 2011

We painted the bedroom a few weeks ago and I was not completely happy with the colour.

So last night I went to the wonderful Bed, Bath and Table sale and fell in love with a gorgeous quilt set. ....I called my wonderful Mr Deekie Belle who was at work and he said I could buy it :)!

Now I am much more happy with the paint! I think the quilt brings it all together!

Funny how that happens isn't it!

They know to sleep on the blankie and not on the quilt! kitties!

I hope you like it, I love it :)!!
Now enough of me fussing and fluffing over it ~ back to work!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place to snuggle down after a tiring day. I thought you would make one for your room for sure. You're a sweetheart Jen.

Ruby Jean said...

I am not sure what is sweeter...The paint color or those adorable kitty Cats... : )

You did a lovely job....I love makes everything look so fresh and new....

Have a Blessed weekend

Ava said...

Love your paint colour Jen, and the quilt. But most of all I love your cats and THAT Mirror..sigh it's just blissful :)

Niki said...

Hey Jen, I am still thinking about you lots, but haven't sat to re-write you a long letter yet, after my last one was erased by blogger. Doh. But I am thinking of you & will talk soon. Niki x