Saturday, May 14, 2011

a few photos....

We had The Songstress's 21st birthday party this past weekend.
I am waiting to get some of the better photos to share with you all.

It was a wonderful night, she had a ball and enjoyed all her time with her friends and family..

Till I get some better pics, please enjoy this cuppycake, it was one of the ones that I made for the night ;)!

Am waiting on my Bells to arrive from America so I can finish my orders so I have been working a little more on my Midwest Moderns Quilt.

Problem is, every time I walk out the room a certain 'Mr Garfield' snuggles up in the fabric and makes himself at home!

And now Mr Derrick has joined him!!

How rude!, stealing someones quilt before it is even on the bed!!!

I made a little collage of The Princess, she is three months old already!!
oh. my. gosh. time is just moving too fast.
She is such a smiley girl!!

Big hugs,


Ava said...

What beautiful Cats, quilts, babies and cupcakes ! Hi Jen , bloggers been having issues so your comment disappeared off my page :( ....They say it will be back soon ... I hope so! My buttons not on your page either...if you want it, feel free to grab it back ( working on some more buttons this week ) xx Your page is breathtaking !

Pauline said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jen. I have a smiley little 3 month old grandson. Your little Madison is so beautiful! And just love your cupcake.