Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthdays and babies ...and Jingle Sax too!

I had my birthday back on the 5th of January and wanted to share some of my lovely pressies with you!

Our kids all put together and got me a gorgeous china cabinet that goes so well with my dining suite!

It was another purchase from Gumtree, our online Australian second hand market.. (just lovin' the Gumtree!)
I had so much fun putting all my crystal and china in it - I didn't realise I had collected so much over the years!

...And my darling Mr Deekie Belle bought me a gorgeous new chandelier to finish off the dining room, I just loooooooove it!!!

Here is a photo of it with the lights turned off so you can get a better idea of the gorgeous toll leaves and flowers!
He got it from a shop on ebay :)!
Let me know if you want the link...

The Songstress and her hubby only have 2 weeks until their baby girl is due,
We are sooooo excited!! .....and they are sooo cute!

Isn't our little girl glowing!!


I wanted to share my new design Jingle Sax with you!

Here are two that I made for two precious little customers in England...

Before I go, I wanted to ask for prayers for the people of Australia.
Our little country has taken such a battering this month,
I am sure you have all heard on the news of the devastating floods in Queensland that have destroyed whole towns, thousands of people lost their homes and belongings and worse, many lost their lives..
Then later that week there were fires that destroyed homes and properties just south of us here in Perth. It was the result of an arsonist..
Then over the past weekend we battened down for a cyclone that was headed towards Perth and the southwest. It seemed to bypass those of us in the city, but there was widespread damage in a few inland rural towns.... Many lost their homes and properties..
Tonight their is another huge cyclone bearing down on Queensland...
Many people have been evaculated, but we are yet to see what destruction this latest one will bring...
If you are someone who prays, then please pray,
and if you don't pray, then please pray anyway!
I know God is listening!
Thanks, and big hugs,



Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Hi Jen,
Happy Birthday for the 5th of January....beautiful gifts.
Luv the idea of your new Jingle Sax.

Niki said...

Happy Birthday Jen.
I've missed you.
Yes, we are in trouble here in Australia aren't we.
Seriously scary stuff.
I pray there are no casualties this time around.
So so sad.
On a brighter note I can't wait to hear your news on the newest little arrival. best of luck & love, Niki x

Patty's Stitches said...

Oh my, Jen! Where have I been? I need to turn on the news more often. I'm sorry to hear of all the devastation where you live. I hope you and your family continue to be safe. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you. God listens and answers prayer.

campwandawega said...

I love this chandelier...very pretty.