Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have shared with you how much I am enjoying having my sister Sue join me in my Deekie Belle Design adventures.

Sue has been creating some beautiful stockings of her own,
here are her two latest designs,
beautiful shimmery fabrics teamed with shabby beads and gorgeous vintage velvet roses. She has continued them wit a velvet ribbon around the foot and a garland of beads for that real christmas feel, topped with a lovely rusty bell,
....I just want to keep these for myself :)!

Aren't they just beautiful!

I have been working really hard again this week and since last Friday I finished 27 Jingle sox!! Six and a half orders, Yay!
Here is a set that I did for one of my oldest friends, she lives in Canberra now with her family, but her husbands career has taken her all over the world, she has lived in London, Paris and Mexico...
I hope she loves them!

And here is a couple more sets that are on thier way to the USA,
I get a bit sad when it comes to the end of the road for some of my fabrics, they are like my babies, and when they are discontinued and you just can't get then any more it is sometimes very hard to accept! The green 'funky snowmen' second from left, that has always been my absolute best seller...... It is what the first ever Jingle Sox was made with :)!!
but I there is no more left of it ....and I have searched the world over LOL!
Goodbye old friend, you always made me smile with your little cheeky faces and your silly hats!! ;)

I also wanted to show you the new Michael Miller "Princess Collection" fabric (sans crowns which I do have but will show you later when I take pics of it!)

Isn't it divine!!!

It's just lovely, and I have two of these ready to ship and available in my shop!

Hope you are all well, back soon with more!



Anonymous said...

You are two very talented sisters. Love them all.

Bev C said...

Talent runs in the family Jen.

Happy sewing.

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

just lovely sox! makes me want to run out and find you those cheeky snowmen !!

Diana said...

Such a talented duo!!!

vicki archer said...

They are fab Jen..I am getting very excited! xv