Thursday, April 8, 2010

Help!!! How hard it is to get decent service.....

Once again I have been absent from my blog
although this time not just my blog but from the internet all together!

We have been in the process of changing our phone/net provider and to cut a long story short it has been a complete pain the the neck! We switched from our previous provider - Bigpond (yes I will name names!). In an effort to cut costs they are out-sourcing alot of their work overseas. This means that when I want to talk to an operative I end up getting connected on an overseas call to someone in the Phillipines... making it very hard to not only get a good connection, but also making it very hard to understand. Don't get me wrong, the people are lovely, it's the connection that is dreadful!

So, with promises of great things
off we went to iinet and BoB!

(If you are Oz I know you have seen the commercials! )

Well.... 4 weeks later and I still cant even get online on my own computer (I'm writing this from hubby's laptop),

plus the crackling phoneline is driving me mad,

and even when I am online the connection is awful - I can't get to all my favorite blogs without constantly being told that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"!

and I have no idea what to do next!

.......except to throw BoB out the window :-)


any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Back soon (I hope!!!)

Jen xo


bobbi said...

Hello. I have been wondering where you were. Been missing your posts. Wish I could help with your problem but I battle with the same issues.

Jenny said...

Great to hear from you Bobbi - I have missed everyone too - off to visit your blog now!
Hugs xo