Friday, April 9, 2010


Just a quick note,
to let you know I have opened my etsy shop again!!
There will be some new things in there shortly!!
And now, a few pics to brighten things up ....
Another of Deekie and Jon -
another beautiful one from Sharon Manning,
although this was snapped by her equally talented daughter Renae

One of Angel and Ben at the wedding
taken by my daughter Alora :)!and my little bug - he turned 1 year old last week,
I can't believe he is a year old aready!!!!!!

being in the bath is just as fun when you are one!!!

and an old school picture of me and two of my sisters..

I am on the right, Sue in the middle and Deb on the left!! Big Hugs

Jen xoxoxox


Sharon Manning said...

Thank you for your support and kinds words Jenny - Always nice to have a satisfied customer. Khye is so adorable and I love that photo of you and your sisters - a treasure.

Sharon Manning said...

Hi Jenny, I'd like to answer all your questions you left on my blog via email if I can - can you please email me at and I will respond.
Sharon xo

Anonymous said...

Where are you these days? Missed seeing your entries. I'm not justwannabebobbi now. LOL. Hope to see your posts again soon.