Saturday, January 9, 2010

... some (very belated) Christmas photos...

It was my birthday the other day and I got thoroughly spoilt - one of my favorite things from Hubby and the kids was a huge array of embroidery cottons - (yes!, more embroidery cottons!)
I got quite a few more pretty things so will post them soon!

A while ago I bought this amazing thread rack from Lynne at Cockburn Sewing Centre, isn't it fantastic!!!!! It was a shop fitting that they no longer needed, it is huge so hubby cut it down and fit one piece in here, above my embroidery machine.. Need more threads as you can see :)!!
but I wonder where I will put the rest of the rack........

I made these for my adorable nieces, I hope they like them!

And here are some pics of Christmas eve, we had our family get together on Christmas eve becasue darling hubby had to workd on Christmas day - noice! (not!)
Oh well, I guess someone has to do it....
Our Little Bug.....
Isn't he beautiful!! Look at that face!! Honestly I could watch him all day.... he is so funny, and his personality is really starting to come through, he's a bit of a nutter though, a comedian, like his Uncle the rock star!! Here he's waiting for Presents, (Rock star can't get enough of him either, they are such good mates, Bug adores him! )
The songstress and the sports fan were so very tired from their trip up to Perth, and the glamour cirl is chillaxing (her word!) waiting to be lavished with presents :)!!

Pressies that were too big to fit under the tree!

Everyone getting impatient waiting for Dad to get home!
(no room in the lounge, too many pressies, they were stuffed everywhere!)

The last few photos are of the Bug getting his Elmo Live from Angel and Ben - he was completely enthralled with it!!
Look at these guys, aren't they adorable!!
The sweetest little family, ...
and another one on the way - Yayy!
The model is three months pregnant!

It talks and dances and sings, he loves it!
That's all for now, hope you are all well and healthy. Don't forget the Jingle Sox give-away, please comment if you would like to win!!
Jen xoxox


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Oh YAY! Congrats to your whole family for the news of the new addition - how very very exciting!!!

LOVE the thread rack too by the way xxx