Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where has the time gone??!!....

Aaaww, I am so sorry for my absence, I have been buried in my studio under a giant pile of Jingle Sox! Please forgive me for the major lack of communication, I feel like this past seven weeks have been one big blur! Don't get me wrong, I have just loved designing and making things for my wonderful customers (they really, truly are wonderful you know!!) but I am embarrassed to say that I have totally neglected everything else in my life (it's a good thing I have such an understanding husband!, love you babe!!...) well, except for my grandson, I didn't neglect him.... I can't go a day without seeing and snuggling him or I will just curl up and die :)!!!

Here is just a portion of what I have been doing for the past few weeks....

A gorgeous summer outfit for a gorgeous little girl in Sydney named Fliss!!

Aahh!! I didn't make these but boy would I love a pair of them :)
Yeahhh ~ JINGLE BOOTS !!

And I definately didn't make this perfect creation ....but one of my lovely customers in America did!
Great job Melissa!
This little lady is Molly, isn't she divine! Don't you just want to snuggle her?... I do!!
Welcome to the world Molly and have the most wonderful 1st Christmas ever!!

And here are another two perfect little angels playing with their Jingle Sox! Oooh, they are so adorable I just want to snuggle them too!

All these gorgeous babies are too far away from me in America, sometimes it sucks being at the bottom of the world

I remember when my kids were that young *sniff, sniff *

Alora and I took a day to decorate the tree, and put up the Christmas ornaments.. I need to get some pretty new garlands though because the shed leaked and one of my boxes of stuff got completely destroyed by water damage - hate when that happens! The worst part about it was that our Christmas stocking hangers were in the same box and as the bottom part with the hanging hook is made of metal they went rusty aaarrrggg! I was doing my 'narna at darling hubby yelling.. 'why would they make them out of metal, that's just stupid, why don't they just make them out of ceramic or whatever the rest of the thing is made out of!!!? " He calmly told me that it is because they need to be heavy to hold up the stockings. ....hrmmmph.. I 'm going back to my cave now :)

Will be back tomorrow with some pics of the decorations..

But I will leave you with one pic of my perfect little Grand-bug, he is into pulling these weird faces at the moment and the other day I captured one perfectly! He looks like he is looking at the guy in front of us thinking, "Who's that idiot?!

Hugs to you all!

PS - will be back with more details of my giveaway tomorrow also!


tinkerverve said...

What a fun post - So many beautiful Jingle Sox! ...and that beautiful newborn baby girl. I find I'm getting excited to get another one of those - I'm so ready for a grand*baby!
Merry Christmas, my friend!