Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Grandbug's first time at the beach...

Yayy! Summer is well on it's way and we are loving the sunshine! The best part of living here in Perth is our beautiful beaches, and as we live 5 minutes away that is where alot of our time is spent. The model and the other Rock star took the bug for the first time the other day and he loved it!... well except for the part with the waves :)!

Got my rashy and boardies on so I'm ready to go Mum and Dad!

In the car on the way...

Here we are, this is great!!

Sitting under my big umbrella (have to protect my beautiful baby skin!)

hmm, this doesn't taste so good..

Hang on, whats this Mummy..?

Not happy Dad!

That's better, and I'll just hold on to this so no-one takes me back to the waves!!

Isn't he gorgeous!
Jen xo