Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look what I made!

Tonight I made some lace with my wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous Bernina, that I love love, love!! What a machine she is! I know alot of you have embroidery machines but I have only had mine for a little bit and am still learning all the little tricks! Today I learnt to make a lace heart! Although I wish I had taken more photos of the process, I might do another and take them from beginning to end!

Anyway all I needed was this - embroidery thread and soluble vilene, which I set in the hoop - 2 pieces of it, double thickness!

Still going!

All finished!

Then you run it under water so that the soluble vilene disolves, - which it does... wow! Then dry it off (lie it flat on a towel and pat dry or gently dry with a hairdryer) and
Voila!! you get a gorgeous lace heart!

Just wanted to show you some of the lovely colours Michael Miller has out in their fairy frost range - and there are heaps more, gorgeous lilacs and purples, yellow, lemons, pinks in every shade ..pretty much every colour of the rainbow! Hmmm, what will I make with these!?

and here is another Jingle Sock, in Crystal shimmery pinks and whites - I have more to come and lots of new things to share, but rght now it's off to bed for me!

And above are these quilted sox I made that look a bit more 'country' style. I made a similar pair for Amy at Giggleberry Creations for a gift she needed and she was thrilled to bits with them! They were a similar style but in Dark reds/greens, the Primitive Country look. Anyway, what do you think? I would love some feedback!

Also! I will be ANNOUNCING A GIVEAWAY on the weekend and all comments from here onward will be in the draw - GUESS WHAT I'M GIVING AWAY!!!! Hint?? ...your choice of..)


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful.

Jenny said...

Thanks Elaine!!

Lacey Blan said...

I absolutely LOVE the crystal purple/pink shimmer jingle sox. I have twin girls that are one, and would love to get these for them!!

Jenny said...

Thank you Lacey, I love the Crystal shimmer sox too - I do have a matching pair if you would like to buy them, and I can put your girls names on them! Are you on etsy or facebook? If not that's okay, just send me an email, I would love to help!

Lacey Blan said...

I'm on face book, Lacey Blan, or my email is