Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My poor neglected blog, and finally the giveaway

I feel like I am always apologising for being away! I can't believe nearly a week has flown by without a post..

Angel started back at work part time so I have been busy with this little bundle of heaven, just look at that smile, and those eyes, and those chubby cheeks oooooohhhhh!

Also, I received my super sweet giveaway from the lovely TinkerVerve, Thank you so much Elaine, I love the book!... and of course I loooove the charm :)!!!

Got some new fabric from Joel Dewberry - yum!! Have made a quilt top with the stuff on the left, so only the right to do!!
Will post my quilt tops soon!!!

and finally ,as promised, a new giveaway!!


I would like to make one of these gorgeous pastel appliqued cushions for the winner, with the letter of your choice in the middle!! These cushions are of course made using applique pattern's by the uuber-talented, and super nice Kellie from Don't Look Now!

I just love Kellie's work, it inspires me so much - And get this bloggers, she is such a nice lady, as busy as she is, making her amazing quilts which are featured in all the best magazines, she still takes the time to email you when you leave her a comment or ask her a question! And trust me, she gets heaps and heaps of comments and questions on every post... I have been blogging for a while and she is easily the the loveliest designer on here.

ANYWAY BACK TO THE GIVEAWAY!. Leave a comment on this post, or the next post or the one after that.... basically all comments till the end of the draw will go in the draw and the first name name picked will win - we will use the old style of pulling a name out of a hat I think!:)

Here's the kicker - there will be a second prize in this draw and this giveaway, and it is something for the mums, something for the mums who can sew - can you guess what is it??!! I will post a pic of it tomorrow!
Big Hugz


free indeed said...

Well, those are very lovely pillows. I like applique, but really need to practice a bit more. Also liked your nice fabrics...yumm!

Renee G said...

My boys would love one of these pillows --- and their first name starts with the same letter, so I wouldn't evan have to decide which boy gets it for his room.


Anonymous said...

you are so welcome! I love sending packages your direction! ;-)

Treasuresofjoy said...

Those pillows are so sweet and I sew!? Hmm. wonder what the mommies get!
I that pattern seen it before!

Carol R. said...

Those are lovely! I love applique, but do very little of it anymore now that the kids are grown. I guess I need to start another quilt with applique?

Karin said...

Those fabrics are beautiful. What are you going to sew with those?

Those pillows are great too. And it inspires me: I have said I was going to make some pillows for a long time. I really should do that one of these days. It looks like so much fun and it seems to me it's so rewarding!

Jenny said...

Thanks everyone - consider yourselves all in the draw!!

Karin, I am going to make mum a lap quilt but I will ahve alot offabric left over so not sure what to do with it all! :)