Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blog award from a sweet friend.. and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

I have received a blog award from Mary Jane of Sweet Emmelie Thank you gorgeous girl!

I in turn would like to nominate 7 wonderful blogs for this award!

Elaine from Tinker Verve.
Kellie fom Don't Look Now!,
Autum from Creative Little Daisy.
Niki from Keeping Up With The Joneses
Vicki from French Essence
Jen from Approximately None

As I was writing a personal note on why I had nominated each of these girls I found that I was repeating myself over and over - so I will say it just once.

Each one of these ladies inspires and teaches me each day. Their incredible talents makes me aspire to do more, and make me believe that I can! Their love of family makes me truly want to be a better Mama and Nana. They are each a blessing in my life and I am so glad that I have been fortunate enough to be invited into theirs.
I send love and hugs to you all!

Jen xo

PS - Don't forget my giveaway, leave a comment and you can win one of these!


Niki said...

Oh my gosh, Jenny. Thankyou so much. I had tears when I read this post. You are too kind. You are an inspiration, yourself, everyday with your beautiful family. I dream of holding my first little grandchild. Like you, I hope I am a young grandmother (also like my mum & grandmother before me). It is my dream.

sweet emmelie said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, so kind!!!

tinkerverve said...

Thank you Jenny for your sweet, sweet words and for thinking of me.

p.s. I would love to be entered into your give-a-way! I love, love, love Amy Butler!

Jenny said...

Bless you Niki, you ARE an inspiration!

You're welcome Mary Jane, and thank you so much for thinking of me.

Elaine, you truly inspire me every day - thank you my friend xo (and you are definately entered!)

free indeed said...

I'm a follower, and love those pillows