Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some New, some old favorites.

I have been working on some new designs over the past weeks, forgot how much fun I have when I am "in the zone" :)! Here is one of my new favorites, it is a cute little skirt set, the pattern of which I got from the "You Can Make This" site and it can be found here here! I am crazy about this site, sometimes I get inspired to make something new in the middle of the night and there is nothing cooler than jumping online and downloading a new pattern - not having to leave the comfort of my studio and my Elmo pyjamas is always a good thing :)!

I also finished this little Apron -I altered the Anna by Farbenmix pattern from a dress to just the apron and I think I love it!! I have had a few ladies comment on it so I am in the process of working some jeans to go with it -

Well, have heaps more to post but will have to do it this afternoon - I am off to MOPS to help look after the little ones while the mums have a well deserved break, a cuppa and some spiritual food. I have been away for a bit because of some problems with my arm but I miss it - Nothing better than cuddles from some of the cutest little Moppets on the face of the planet! Take care and God bless you all Big!



To be continued......